New Atlas UPDATE! – Version v12.0.4

Great News!

There are new updates to ATLAS available NOW!

As always these updates are free to ATLAS customers!

Check out the items in the Release Notes below to see what we did!

Please Note: If you are experiencing any strange behavior, clear your temporary internet files in your browser and try again.  We have seen this fix a number of issues including with sites other than ours!

Thank you for all your help!  We really appreciate it!

Release Notes – Atlas – Version v12.0.4

THANKS to all our Users/Members!!

General Strategy and Settings:

  • Change student attendance rating (A, B, C, MIA) time frame from 60 days to 14 days


  • A more visible “Back” button has been added to the Proshop for users with the necessary permissions.
  • POS – Individually toggled “Tax 1” and “Tax 2” option
  • Added Partial Receiving for Purchase Orders


  • Students with no style or rank would cause student’s attendance to be entered, but not assigned to specific classes or rank credits. We’ve created a dashboard widget that will now alert you on any student without a style or rank. The warning  is clickable so that staff can easily assign styles/ranks to the students in need.
  • Moved Email these stats button


  • The Youtube embed in the Announcements section now allows embed code to be pasted in.
  • Added the ability to select multiple announcements and then delete the in batch.


  • Add age filter to prospects


  • Students would show up on the “miss you” report prior to the course date. This has been fixed.
  • Attendance report is now filterable by date.
  • Attendance Report enhancement. Filtering by date range now yields report that shows you all attendances in that date range AND “all time” attendance totals.
  • Report- Attendance by Agreement – now sorted by last name.
  • 2/4/6 Report can be filtered by “All”


  • Added print and export to promote section


  • The Pay At School function from the Declines module on the dashboard now allows the user to enter in the amount  and date. The data is sent in the body of the e-request.

Marketing Automation

  • The campaign type and criteria is now displayed in the Marketing Automation editor
  • In the marketing automation and Com hub add character counter for SMS messages
  • Marketing Automation – Display the Campaign Type and Criteria in the campaign editor section

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