New Atlas UPDATE! – Version v12.0.5

Great News!

There are new updates to ATLAS available NOW!

As always these updates are free to ATLAS customers!

Check out the items in the Release Notes below to see what we did!

Please Note: If you are experiencing any strange behavior, clear your temporary internet files in your browser and try again.  We have seen this fix a number of issues including with sites other than ours!

Thank you for all your help!  We really appreciate it!

Release Notes – Atlas – Version v12.0.5

MANY of these Feature Enhancements are a DIRECT result of feedback from YOU….our TOTALLY AWESOME users!!

Batch Mark Attendance:

  • You can now “check in” students “In Batch” from the student list page. For example, you can use an iPad or your computer to “tick” each student in the class, and then “Add an Attendance”.


  • It was difficult to distinguish between read and unread eRequest messages. The default filtering has been updated.
  • The Hold Payment checkbox has been removed from the Send New eRequest screen


  • Added the ability to change the agreement type from the Agreements list screen using either the group actions or the individual agreement form actions.

WebForm Builder:

  • Web Forms have been improved with new address fields, and the ability to require fields, and change field labels. So you can customize to whatever label you like!
  • Web Forms can now be set to a fixed width by the user, this will make your forms look good if on a “wide” webpage.
  • In the web form builder, asterisks were added to denote required fields.
  • In the web form builder, added form validation for the max width field to ensure that only numbers are entered.

AMS Accounts

  • You can now “take a payment” from the “Decline” list. Clicking “Pay Online” from the dashboard decline list now takes users directly to the epay site so you can charge the new payment seamlessly!
  • Added filtering capabilities to the AMS accounts page

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