New Atlas UPDATE! – Version v12.1.1

Release Overview

Great News!

There are new updates to ATLAS available NOW!

As always these updates are free to ATLAS customers!

Check out the items in the Release Notes below to see what we did!

Please Note: If you are experiencing any strange behavior, clear your temporary internet files in your browser and try again.  We have seen this fix a number of issues including with sites other than ours!

Thank you for all your help!  We really appreciate it!

Release Notes – Atlas – Version v12.1.1

MANY of these Feature Enhancements are a DIRECT result of feedback from YOU….our TOTALLY AWESOME users!!

New ATLAS Features:

  • Expanded “0” Day Marketing Automation Steps – For example, you can now send multiple message on the “day of” and intro appointment
  • Expanded Text Message Reply Dashbard Widget to include the Phone number and name (if available) of the person responding to a message
  • Enhanced “Prospect” Entry form. Removed the requirement for First Name and Last Name to support email only, or Mobile Phone only opt ins etc..
  • Enhanced “Class” set up to make more flexible. You can now set up classes to start or end in 5 minute increments.
  • Updated ProShop inventory system to adjust automatically to “checking in” new orders from vendors, and added more clarity to descriptions.
  • Enhanced the validation of Agreement Form data to eliminate “bad” data from accidentally impacting student agreements.
  • Enhanced ProShop “Discounting” system, and reports related.
  • Enhanced the Student List to display the name of all your “Custom Labels”


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