New Atlas UPDATE! – August 2021

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • New Automation Triggers for Agreements and Courses
  • Ability to Respond to SMS Message in Texting History
  • Mailing Label “Skip” initial labels
  • Enhancements to Student Attendance Graph (Student Profile)
  • Mass Delete ProShop Inventory Items
  • Money Magnet – Add tags to contacts who buy Money Magnet Products
  • Enhanced Student Picture Upload from Mobile Phones
  • Timeclock Track/Display IP Address for Staff Check Ins
  • Various Fixes and User Interface Updates for Increased Intuitiveness and Performance


The entire team from AMS / ATLAS is proud to welcome you to the latest build for ATLAS. The August enhancement release includes a number of enhancements, fixes, and tweaks to help you get more done, faster, attract more new students, and keep your current students more engaged in your programs. We hope you love the new changes and as always, any feedback is welcome!

New Automation Trigger – Separate for When Agreement is Created, and When the “Course” Starts

Sometimes you create an agreement in ‘advance’ of the persons’ course start date. For example, if you create agreements for Summer Camp in January. You now can set up automations that trigger ‘immediately’ when the agreement is created, and/or you can create an automation that starts when the ‘course’ (in this example the actual summer camp) begins.

This gives you even more flexibility and power to deliver valuable content and communication to your students and ‘buyers’ when you want.

Ability to “Reply” to SMS Text Message in Texting “History” Panel

You can now communicate with your student even more easily, from the texting ‘history’ list!


Mailing Labels – Start at a Given Label on the Label Sheet

(*Highly Requested Feature) No more wasting label sheets! You can now ‘start’ printing mailing labels at whatever label on the sheet you’d like.



Student Attendance Trend Graph – More Tools!

You can now get a more detailed view of any students attendance history. You’re going to love the insight this will give you on your student’s attendance pattern, and allow you to take early action to avoid drop outs!



Mass Delete ProShop Inventory Items

Save some time if you have many inventory items to delete. You can now ‘check’ each item you’d like to delete, then use the group action “Delete” to deleted them all at once.

Money Magnet “Tags” Expanded

You can now add multiple tags to any contact that completes a Money Magnet sales page/order. This will allow you to ‘slice and dice’ our list however you’d like!

New Mobile Phone Student Picture Upload Tool

You now have a more simple, and flexible tool for cropping and adjusting student pictures when you upload them from your mobile phone.

TimeClock – Track IP Address

(**Requested Feature) You can now see the IP address of the computer that staff is using to clock in and out. This is useful for tracking external events and activities, and gives you more confidence in the validity of each clock in.

Many other User Interface Enhancements, Fixes, and Updates to Make Your Life Easier!

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