New Atlas UPDATE! – February 21 – Overview

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Dashboard Tutorials
  • Lead Feeder Enhancement
  • Automation Enhancements
  • Money Magnet Sales Page Enhancements
  • People List Printing Navigation Redux
  • Student Address Labels
  • ProShop Enhancements
  • Employee Time Clock Enhancement
  • Text Editor Enhancement


The entire team from AMS / ATLAS is proud to welcome you to the latest build for ATLAS. The February build includes a number of enhancements, fixes, and tweaks. We hope you love the new changes and as always, any feedback is welcome!

Dashboard Tutorials

We have all new tutorial videos for the Dashboard. These fresh cut videos explain the various widgets available on the dashboard. Simply click on the “Help” toggle in the upper right of the screen. This will show the help information for each section. Then click on the video link.

Dashboard Tutorial Screenshot.

Lead Feeder Enhancement

Our development team has enhanced the Lead Feeders so that you can include multiple forms on a single page. This is especially useful when your site has a pop-up form when the user enters or leaves the page as well as a form on the page. Each form contains a unique ID number allowing multiple forms to coexist on the same page without issue.

Lead Feeder Screenshot.

Automation Enhancements

Several automations have been added to the Automated Marketing Campaigns section. Sample automation will be available for import into your Atlas system. These samples provide some guidance in making sequences. 

Automation Screenshot.

Agreement Creation Automation

Create automations that trigger when an agreement is created. This automation has the capability to fire as soon as the agreement is made with no delay or waiting. Alternatively, you may enable a delay (in days). 

Money Magnet Sales (Event) Pages

There are several new automations that relate to the Money Magnet Sales Pages. This includes the Money Magnet Event Signup automation. This automation fires at first signup and can be set to delay by any number of says. We have included automations for before and after the event. The before event automations can be delayed by days or by hours / minutes. This works in a similar way to the appointment reminder automation in that it will help ensure attendance to your event by providing “the day of” reminders.

Appointment Reminders

Create an automation sequence for when a prospect appointment is going to take place down to the hours and minutes before the appointment time. For example: When a prospective student has an appointment for a first lesson you can set up an automation to trigger off an hour before the appointment to help with ensuring your prospect shows for their appointment.

ProShop Enhancements

Past Sales Email

It’s easier than ever to provide a copy of a ProShop receipt via email. If your student (or parent) requests a copy of their ProShop receipt simply head over to ProShop > Past Sales. Find the sale from the list and click on Actions > Email Receipt. You’re done!

ProShop Past Sales Screenshot 1

Available Sample Content

To assist you with ProShop setup we’ve added the ability to import some sample content directly into the ProShop. This includes Inventory, inventory groups, and vendors. These are provided as a baseline and we encourage you to modify them to fit your specific model. The import of the sample content couldn’t be easier. Simply head over to Setup > School Setup. Click on the Default/Terms tab and then Import Sample Content. Click  on Install Package for the ProShop items and your’e done!

ProShop Sample Content Screenshot 1

Money Magnet Sales Page Improvements

The development team has been working hard on improving the Money Magnet section of Atlas. With this latest batch of improvements we feel that you’ll have even more ways to sell online.

List Page

We started with the Money Magnet List Page. Information regarding the sale or event has been added to the list for a perfect at a glance scan. Three new columns have been added: Sale Begins, Sale Ends, and Event Date. Just as with the other lists in Atlas, each of these columns is sortable for ease of use.

Money Magnet List Screenshot 1


You can now leverage the power of tagging with your Money Magnet Sales Pages. With tagging you are able to better curate your sales data as well as trigger tag based automations with ease. While creating your Money Magnet Sales Page on Event Setup, part 3 of 4, click on “Choose if you would like to add attendees to ATLAS as prospects” and choose “Add attendees as prospects”. Then the “Would you like to assign a tag to each prospect from this event?” will appear. From this list choose the tag you want to apply. Continue with the creation process. That’s it, now your prospects created from this Money Magnet Sales Page will be tagged.

Money Magnet Tagging Screenshot 1

Template Gallery

We are proud to introduce a new way to choose your Money Magnet Sales Page template. The new Template Selector makes it easier to find a specific template for use. The Template Selector has a main area in a carousel style where additional available templates can be viewed by clicking on the arrows on the left and right. When you find a template, simply click it and you’ll be taken to the template editor. It’s that simple!

Money Magnet Template Screenshot 1

Social Media Enhancement

Our team is hard at work in order to improve the efficacy of social media sharing for your Money Magnet Sales Pages. For the February release we have added specific tags that social media outlets look for when generating a share post. This gives you greater control over how the share looks and the copy that is included. When creating a Money Magnet Sales Page you’ll notice that a few of the fields reference social media sites. These fields are what Atlas uses to generate those special social media tags for your page. Once you finish creating your page head over to your social media platform and you’ll see the share generates the way you set it up instead of letting the outlet choose for you.

Money Magnet Social Media Screenshot 1

People List Printing Navigation Redux

In order to ease the process of printing from the People List(s) we’ve combined all printing operations under the Print sub-menu. 

People List Printing Navigation Screenshot 1

Student Address Labels

The February build includes the ability to print Address Labels for your students. The process couldn’t be easier. Head over to the Student List and select the students that you want to print address labels for. Then click on “Group Actions” > Print > Print Mailing Labels. Follow the printing options for eco friendly savings and you’re all set.

Student Address Label Screenshot 1

Employee Time Clock Enhancement

The Time Clock in Atlas provides a convenient way to track employee time. In order to prevent employees from locations outside of the work area we have added the source IP address for the clock-in. This way you can ensure that employees clocked in from the work place and not remotely.

Employee Clock Screenshot 1

Text Editor Enhancement

We have enhanced the Text Editors throughout Atlas to provide more flexibility. In this build  we have added the ability to choose Font style and specific Font Size. Please note that font style selection will expand over time.

Text Editor Screenshot 1

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