New Atlas UPDATE! – June 20 – Overview

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Dashboard Refinements
  • AMS Billing Enchancement
  • New People List Wizards
  • ProShop


The entire team from AMS / ATLAS is proud to welcome you to the latest build for ATLAS. The June build includes a number of enhancements and tweaks. We hope you love the new changes and as always, any feedback is welcome!

Dashboard Refinements

The Agreement Status widget has been improved in order to make managing your agreements even easier. You’ll notice that there is a new Opportunities sections. This section was created to give you insights to your agreements and aid in planning.

Agreement Status Widget Enhancement Screenshot.

We’ve added the capability to reply to text right from the Texting Widget on the Dashboard. When there is a reply to your text message you’ll see a “Send Reply” button next to the clients response. This will take you to the Message Center Compose page to send them a reply.

Dashboard Texting Widget Screenshot.

AMS Billing List

For ease of management we’ve added a new sortable/filter column to the AMS Billing List. This column contains the Number of Payments Remaining.

New People List Wizards

We’ve made it even easier to manage people in ATLAS with the new Delete People Wizard. Using the new wizard enables you to see what active agreements are attached to a person (or group of people) before you make any changes. This feature helps prevent errors and mistakes when managing the people in your system.

New Delete People Wizard screenshot.

The June release introduces the bar code printing wizard. Using this wizard will enable you to maximize the usage of your printing materials. Follow the easy to use wizard to select the starting point for printing and that’s it.

New Barcode Printing Wizard screenshot.


For ease of management in the ProShop we’ve added two new columns. The group name and description are now available in the list.

Inventory List Additional Columns screenshot.

There is a new bread crumb navigation for the Point of Sale system. Using the bread crumb navigation makes it easy to go back and forth through your Point of Sale categories.

Breadcrumb Navigation screenshot.

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