New Atlas UPDATE! – September 20 – Overview

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Dedicated Student Lists
  • All Administrators Notifications
  • ProShop Receipt Revision


The entire team from AMS / ATLAS is proud to welcome you to the latest build for ATLAS. The September build includes a number of enhancements, fixes, and tweaks. We hope you love the new changes and as always, any feedback is welcome!

Dedicated Student Lists

The Students Lists are now split into two predefined lists: All Students and Active Students. This is designed to provide faster access to data needed for daily operations. All Students show a list of all students while the Active Students list shows only students on active agreements.

Predefined Student Lists Screenshot.

All Administrators Notification

We have added a new option when creating staff notifications for Marketing Automations. This option is called All System Administrators. Selecting this option will send the notification to any staff member who is designated as a System Administrator in their Staff Profile. This prevents notifications to a specific staff member from getting orphaned if the staff member is removed.

All Staff Notification Option Screenshot.

ProShop Receipt Revision

The receipts from ProShop have been revised to include the School Information.

ProShop Receipt Revision Screenshot.

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