Attendance Bar Code Scanner Compatibility

ATLAS Martial Arts Software is the only application in the martial arts industry to support so many ways for schools to take and manage their student attendance!

One method is scanning bar codes.

Our Bar Code scanner system supports virtually any bar code scanner that scans codes in the format “3 of 9” (sometimes referred to as 39/Code).

This is the most common format, which means there are (literally) thousands of scanner options to choose from, just be sure that scanner supports the “3 of 9” format.

We’ve had good results with this model:

Inexpensive USB Bar Code Scanner SEARCH on AMAZON

Here are a couple of examples:



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  1. StarGlave

    1. The “Inexpensive USB Bar Code Scanner” link is broken.
    2. Can I make up my own Scan ID like I can set with your competitor “Champions Way” software or do I have to use some preset number that only you can assign?
    3. What Id to scan, length, acceptable characters, etc. is not covered in your article.
    4. Could you also provide a link to a 39 Code download site?

    1. Master Toby Milroy

      Thanks so much for the feedback!!

      1 – I fixed the link. Seems like that product is gone, so I’ve replaced it with a search for the same ‘type’ of scanner on amazon, and added 3 more examples.

      2 – Currently, you can only use the ‘unique’ ID number of the student for Attendance scanning. We do have it on our roadmap to allow a ‘custom’ ID for scanning, but it’s not currently available in the application.

      3 – The answer to #2 likely addresses this as well.

      4 – 3 of 9 is the ASCII standard that is supported. There are many ways to generate this bar code. You can install a font on your computer, or use an online ‘generator’. Since ATLAS currently only supports the Student ID in the system, there is not much of a need to generate them yourself…..the system does that for you.

      But, if you’d like to experiment, here are a few resources:

      ASCII 3 of 9 Generator
      3 of 9 “Font” for Your Computer

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